Our Time Together


The world you and I share is entirely our own. How we spend it is completely up to us. The possibilities are endless.

I offer a genuine and playful sensual experience for select gents who share my values of sweetness, intimacy and emotional connection. I love to flirt, to tease, to taste your desire on my tongue and wrap it around my fingers. I’ve always been sexually adventurous, though you would hardly know if if you passed me on the street. Though I do consider myself a bit shy in real life, I feel most confident and at ease when in the company of a true gentleman. I say this because I want you to know that I understand what it’s like to feel nervous in the company of others and that I am well versed in making you feel comfortable.

I am also completely non-judgemental and will happily indulge your dirtiest, darkest fantasies, if they are something I would also like to explore. I am constantly adding to my sexual bucket list, and consider myself open-minded, if not a bit vulgar at times (when I’m not being ladylike). Let me know what’s on your mind over a glass of wine sometime, and we’ll discuss how we can transform it into reality. My greatest pleasure comes from pleasing you.

Dates that include social time will always be my favourite. I am a naturally curious person, and love having the opportunity to discover what lurks beneath your surface, what inspires you, what drives and delights you. I get exquisite pleasure from indulging in a good meal and obviously will adore any man who feeds me. ;)

I have found that familiarity is the best indicator of passion, and satisfaction, and will thus always prioritize dates with those that see me regularly. What I am seeking through this world, and through the time we spend together is, above all, connection. To shed our skin and caress each other’s flawed humanity with tenderness. Our time together can be healing, as well as ecstatic. In fact, if done right, it always is. I am lucky to do this work out passion and not necessity, and I select my clients based on compatibility.

If you’ve taken the time to read my site, trust me, you’re already ahead of the game. And if you’d like to turn this internet romance into a real one, you know what to do…