I see you’re curious about me…


Let me indulge you.

A good girl at heart, bad girl by nature, and provocateur by invention, I am deliciously dirty, endearingly genuine, and wholeheartedly playful.

This world is my fantasy, my escape and my delight. There came a moment in time where I craved stimulation, ecstasy. Something forbidden and taboo to sink my teeth into. I found myself feeling restless. Bored with the monotony and customs of everyday life. I have always had a burning curiosity within me. To push myself to the limit and experience everything there is to experience. The rush and excitement of this job lights a fire under me that I simply can't deny. As one so reserved and soft spoken in real life, the freedom of expression and of sexuality is something that feeds my ever growing hunger. For life, for experiences, for pleasure.


It is the connections I have made through these passionate trysts that soothe my soul in trying and stressful times. The sweet nothings whispered in my ear are such a joy to recall afterwards, of the thrill of being adored by my wonderful lovers. I am truly blessed to share your company, and to be the keeper of your secrets. 

I cannot help but enjoy being an object of admiration. I love to adorn my figure with tasteful and feminine skirts and blouses which compliment my shape while leaving a little to the imagination. I find I feel the most sexy when I am wearing beautiful pieces of lingerie, with natural makeup and soft, wavy tresses. You’ll always find me looking polished, sophisticated, and kissable, as is my true nature. At 5’10”, I’m tall enough to reach the top shelf on my own, but will definitely need your help opening up jars of any kind.

My interests vary from art, travel, smutty literature, yoga, cycling, and practicing photography. I am also an avid nature lover and can often be found on a windswept shore somewhere or hidden in the depths of an old growth forest. I have travelled extensively and am always looking for a new adventure. At 26 years old, I am endlessly energetic and curious about the world around me, as well as emotionally intelligent, patient, and kind. This lustful little world of ours is just one of the many demimondes I belong to. I feel just at at home by the fire in a cabin somewhere, with the wind and rain swirling wildly outside, as I do in a buzzing metropolitan city. Sipping champagne at an intimate jazz club, feeling a tingle down my spine as your hand moves up my thigh…

In person, you will find me to be very down to earth, often silly, with a hint of mischief under the right circumstances. I find I connect well with those who share my adventurous and lighthearted approach to life, and with those that prioritize kindness towards others. I think I have a good sense of humour and take the opportunity to laugh whenever it pleases me. Yes, I sometimes snort when I laugh. (sorry)

Sunshine makes me happy. Flowers dazzle me. Swimming in the ocean is probably my favourite thing. Witty sparring matches are something I quite enjoy. I am in tune with my mind, my body and my soul and cherish the beautiful flaws of humanity. I believe in being true to yourself, always. I am a soft, creative soul as well as very genuine and down to earth. I find I learn more and more about myself as I stumble along my many undertakings.

So my dear, dive into the deep end with me and let’s see where it takes us.