Frequently Asked Questions

How much notice do you need?

As much as possible! I lead a full + busy life outside of this and planning in advance means that I am far more likely to accommodate your request. It’s rare that I will accept a same day booking, but feel free to ask if you’re feeling spontaneous. Usually the minimum amount of notice I need is 24 hours. The earlier I receive your inquiry, the more likely it is that I can set that time aside for you.

I am not willing to send screening info. Is there any way we can still meet?

Screening information is mandatory to arrange a date with me. I take my safety and wellbeing very seriously and will never see anyone who does not provide necessary screening information.

Do you offer X, Y, Z? what about Q?

I do not discuss intimate details over email. Let's get to know each other first! I believe in establishing connection and chemistry in the first date and communicating our desires for future meetings once we're familiar with each other. My ideal client is more interested in getting to know me as a person and discovering mutual erotic interests together over time, rather than simply looking to check off a few boxes on a list of acronyms. If you need assurance that I offer a particular “service” prior to meeting, we are not a good match.

Are your rates negotiable?

My rates reflect the quality of the experience that I provide and are 100% non-negotiable. I put a great deal of preparation into each date, as well as managing all of my own marketing, screening/bookings, and other behind-the-scenes responsibilities, all of which is carefully calculated to create my current rate structure. These are the rates that work best for me at this current time and allow me to feel and give my best self to my clients.

What is your favourite colour?

Great question! I have three: Green, blue and purple. Combine them and I simply melt.

Do you take clothing requests?

I actually don’t! However, you can trust that I’ll always look stylish, sexy and sophisticated during our time together. I usually don’t wear heels on outcalls for comfort reasons, and I’m usually fairly weather appropriate. On dates I usually wear a feminine dress or skirt with blouse with a sexy lingerie set underneath.

Can you be a reference for me?

If we have seen each other in the past six months, I am happy to provide you with reference to see another companion. I will provide one reference per client. You may then use her name as a reference to see someone else, and so on. I appreciate you asking me via email before using my name as a reference, though it’s not required.

When will you visit my city?

Unfortunately my friend, I most likely have no plans to visit your city! The only place I like to do little tours now and then is Seattle because it’s really close. I try to make it down to Seattle every couple of months so keep an eye on my Twitter page for tour dates.

If you wish to meet me in your city, your best bet is to book me for a Fly-Me-To-You! Otherwise, make me your excuse to plan your next trip to Vancouver.